Monday, March 7, 2011

Come see Caterpillar Knits in MA on Friday.

The North Shore Yarn Crawl is this weekend—March 10th - 13th, 2011.

As part of the festivities, on Friday afternoon, March 11th, I'll be hanging out at Butterfly Yarns, in Wakefield, MA, sharing my designs with who ever wants to see.

Printed patterns will be available and you'll get to see many finished projects in person—try them on, man handle them, etc…

I'll be bringing the whole Caterpillar Knits collection—Waipio, Kukui, Mauna Kea, Molokini, Petrel and Anthurium, as well as many garments from my self-published collection—the Fresco Shrug, Gardening Tee, Diamond Lace Tee, the Crochet Motif Cardigan, Beatrice Rib Tie Coat, Stormy Diamond Eyelet Vest, the Petal socks and River of Life socks.

In addition, Butterfly Yarns will be having raffles, sales, give-aways and much more all four days!